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New Business

Yesterday I heard back from the RI Secretary of State’s Office and found out that my application to start a non-profit business was approved.  I already have an Employer Identifier Number and now just need to start putting together the paperwork necessary to get approval from the IRS; If you know anyone who has ever […]

Dissertation Progress

After several days of fighting with ArcMAP/ArcGIS I’ve finally finished the geocoding of the data for my dissertation.  I need to check with some folks at the US Department of Education, but as long as I can get things cleared with them I will try to get some maps up that were part of the […]

New Material Coming Soon

I just installed Moodle and have started learning how to use it. I’ll soon be posting annotated bibliographies, literature reviews, and online tutorials focused on music, music education, research, and education policy issues. If all goes well with some of the other plug-ins that I’ve found I’ll also be able to format my documents using […]