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I’ve been able to make some progress on the dissertation front, which is a welcome change from the way things had been going. My goal for today is to finish fitting my instrumental variables regressions and start working on the path analysis models. Still have quite a bit of writing left to do, but it’s […]

Dissertation Updates

The fight with ArcGIS is over. The data is now completely merged and loaded into Stata for analysis. I should be able to have some initial results ready to show soon. In general though, the price of instruments is a much smaller proportion of weekly and monthly income than I had expected. I will also […]

Dissertation Progress

After several days of fighting with ArcMAP/ArcGIS I’ve finally finished the geocoding of the data for my dissertation.  I need to check with some folks at the US Department of Education, but as long as I can get things cleared with them I will try to get some maps up that were part of the […]