Upcoming shows

No shows booked at the moment.


New Gig

Started working for the BERC Group last Monday. Once things settle down financially I may be able to get my hands on an upright again and get my acoustic chops back. In the meantime, I’ll be trying to find a decent GB gig and/or freelance in the meantime.


I am still waiting to get the hard copies of my dissertation back from ProQuest, but for anyone interested I’ve posted the dissertation on my nonprofit organization’s website here Billy’s Dissertation. I’m hoping to write a few articles this week based on my dissertation and another article that is an outgrowth of that research. If all goes well, I’ll at least have some publications to add to my CV. I may also start working on my bass book again in the near future.

Finally Finished

So I am now officially Dr. Billy.  I got the email from the school the last day that I was in El Paso.  If anyone is interested I have posted a copy of the dissertation, in its entirety, on my non-profit’s website: Billy’s Dissertation.  Now, I need to find a post-doc position or win some of the funding that I’m applying for.

Traveling for a bit

Although I’m still waiting to hear back from the data security office at IES, I’m going to be heading out for a couple of weeks tomorrow. Gema may not know it yet, but her sister and I have planned to kidnap her for one of our 10 hour long burger runs; it’s about 5.5 hours from El Paso to Tuscon and that just happens to be the closest In and Out burger.

It’ll be nice to have a double double again.

Almost there

Successfully defended my dissertation today. Now I need to wait a few weeks for the school to also approve things (defeats the purpose of having a committee if you ask me), but I should be Dr Billy very soon.

This weeks happenings

I’ll be attending the Washington Educational Research Association conference this Thursday and Friday. On Friday I will also be defending my dissertation. Stay tuned for more updates.

News and Updates

So after a bit of a lull there is at least some amount of news to pass along. I’ll be defending my dissertation December 9th and should be Dr Billy shortly thereafter. I’m also going to be putting more effort into working with ArcGIS so I can create some interactive data displays from my research.

Immediately after the dissertation defense I’ll be attending the Washington Educational Research Association annual Assessment Conference near SeaTac. I’m hoping that the networking opportunities will pan out there and hopefully make it possible to get my nonprofit Performing Arts & Creative Education Solutions Consulting up and running in more than just thought. I’ve also started to think about future research that I’d like to conduct and now need to find funding so I can do it.

New Location

Finally finished settling in to the new place in Seattle. Also submitted Form 1023 and will hopefully have nonprofit status for my organization shortly.

Dissertation Almost Done

So I’m wrapping up work on my dissertation now. I’m going to try one more way to fit one of my models and if it doesn’t work I’ll at least have something in it’s place that will do. Got some pretty interesting and some unexpected results that I’ll be sharing soon. Until then, it’s time to start typing up a storm so I can finish the last few chapters.


I’ve been able to make some progress on the dissertation front, which is a welcome change from the way things had been going. My goal for today is to finish fitting my instrumental variables regressions and start working on the path analysis models. Still have quite a bit of writing left to do, but it’s always easier for me to write up findings once all the model fitting work has been completed. I’ll be trying to get some of the graphic models up on my company’s website after I’ve wrapped up the dissertation, and think people might enjoy the maps if I can figure out how to do all the interactive stuff with them.