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Dissertation Progress

After several days of fighting with ArcMAP/ArcGIS I’ve finally finished the geocoding of the data for my dissertation.  I need to check with some folks at the US Department of Education, but as long as I can get things cleared with them I will try to get some maps up that were part of the geocoding process.  Along with geocoding the schools that took part in the 2008 NAEP Music Assessment, I geocoded all 501(c)3 organizations with revenues greater than $25,000 in 2008 (from the National Center on Charitable Statistics), several different datasets related to employment in the arts that were also provided by the Urban Institute (Arts Community Indicators Project), and any Institution of Higher Education that offered a music education or music degree during 2008.  In short, I am trying to instrument community and governmental variables to test causal relationships between poverty and academic achievement in Music.